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OpenAL 1.1 specification (PDF)

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Multi-Platform Extensions

These are registered extensions which are used for multiple implementations on multiple platforms.
ALC_ENUMERATION_EXT -- enumeration of available devices (sample code in altest)
ALC_EXT_CAPTURE -- capture functionality; documentation is in the OpenAL 1.1 Specification
AL_EXT_MP3 -- MP3 audio format support

Linux/Standard Implementation Extensions

ALC_LOKI_audio_channel -- get/set the volume settings for the current context
LOKI_buffer_data_callback -- a buffer callback mechanism
LOKI_IMA_ADPCM_format -- ADPCM format
LOKI_WAVE_format -- WAVE format
LOKI_play_position -- playback position query
LOKI_quadriphonic -- 4 speaker rendering
EXT_vorbis -- Ogg Vorbis buffer format

MacOS Extensions

ALC_EXT_MAC_OSX: A Mac OSX-specific extension set.
ALC_EXT_STATIC_BUFFER: Support for buffers at a static memory location ("no copy buffers").
ALC_EXT_ASA: Apple Spatial Audio extension.
ALC_EXT_ASA_ROGER_BEEP: Extends the Apple Spatial Audio Extension (ALC_EXT_ASA) with a Roger Beep Effect when the RogerBeep AudioUnit is present on the system
ALC_EXT_ASA_DISTORTION: Extends the Apple Spatial Audio Extension (ALC_EXT_ASA) with a Distortion Effect when the Distortion AudioUnit is present on the system

Windows Extensions

EAX2.0 -- EAX 2.0 calls
EAX3.0 -- EAX 3.0 calls
EAX4.0 -- EAX 4.0 calls
EAX5.0 -- EAX 5.0 calls
ALC_EXT_EFX -- Effects Extension (documentation in the OpenAL SDK)
EAX_RAM -- XRAM support (documentation in the OpenAL SDK)
AL_EXT_ALAW -- ALAW audio format support
AL_EXT_DOUBLE -- double audio format support
AL_EXT_FLOAT32 -- float32 audio format support
AL_EXT_IMA4 -- IMA4 audio format support
AL_EXT_MULAW -- MULAW audio format support
AL_EXT_MCFORMATS -- multi-channel audio format support

OpenAL Extension API Database

Documentation queries can be made for extension, token or function names at the OpenAL Extension Registry